RBTS WIN is back, so f’ing back

I swell with pride every time I play a RBTS WIN song on my Bluetooth at home. The select times I get to play DJ for our friends out of town, or even my peeps who have heard “Death Magic” a thousand times, I am historically loud and proud about this trio who calls Asheville home. When we are listening to RBTS WIN, you are fucking liking it. Guaranteed.

From the lushness of Javi’s synths to the subversive sweetness of Josh’s guitar and Brien (Cliff B)’s unmistakable, sturdy voice, RBTS WIN is a band worth their salt. They’ve been putting in the work for years, and it shows in their evolving sound. Their 2014 album Palm Sunday is still a staple in my rotation, and their new album Sensitivity Kit is on a fast track to do the same.

They were reasonable and released an EP several months ago titled King Summer, but that’s just a taste of what’s to come on their new full length LP. After “Heart Eyes” earlier in the year, they just released a new video for a song called “Weirdo Forest,” a synth-heavy, lyrically-bountiful jam. Props to them for making decent music videos in Asheville at all, a city known for amazing artists who have zero budgets and even less calculable ambition. If RBTS WIN isn’t nationally famous pretty goddamn soon, I will really wonder about this place that invites 9 million fucking people into its midst every year. I mean, someone’s got to take these guys on tour outside of a brewery.

Instead of pardoning my language, why don’t you spend that energy listening to this super solid piece of work:


They’re putting on an album release party with fellow local sweetheart Marley Carroll at the Grey Eagle August 25. That’s gonna be a GREAT time. Guaranfuckingteed.


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